Jeremy Weathers, Host
            Jeremy Weathers, Host

The Concept:

Too often people hear negative news about agriculture and producers. Much of this information is generated by reporters who have very little experience, especially in rural areas.

Agriculture is the 2nd largest industry in the state and affects us all.  Every weekend, FarmCast Radio talks about the issues involving agriculture and talk about how they effect consumers.

The Show:

Each FarmCast Radio program is divided into four segments.  The program follows one of two formats.  EitherFour guests are interviewed regarding the main subject of each program, or audio from recent conferences or events is used.

While interviews are about agriculture topics, the goal of FarmCast Radio is to find out what those issues mean to an average consumer.


The Guests:

Previous guests on the show include Colorado Supreme Court Justice Greg Hobbs, various State Senators and Representatives, We have regularly scheduled interviews with Colorado’s Commissioner of Agriculture (we’re on our third commissioner!) as well as staff at the CO Department of Agriculture. We interview farmers, state trade organizations and national organizations.